From the first touch I could feel the difference. I knew this wasn’t a normal massage and I have had one of those before, but just the touch itself felt amazing. You could feel the energy rushing through you right from the start.

I am that person who will not admit to feeling pleasure; I am the person that will deny any effect because I’m embarrassed. As the massage continued, my body started being more and more responsive to Alon’s touch, I was getting so relaxed even though I was still nervous. A very odd combination I will have you know. When Alon asked me to put in words how I was feeling, I couldn’t do it. ‘It feels nice’ I said, a blatant understatement, but I just couldn’t admit that it felt great, that I felt my body relaxing, that I found myself enjoying this, that my body wanted more.

When Alon started explaining what will happen next, that he wants me to allow myself to feel the pleasure, to accept it, and that it’s ok to express it... in my head I was like hell no!! As he talked me through it, I did start feeling more and more comfortable, reacting to his touch and my body craving more, showing it. Eventually it felt so comfortable and natural, and to say I was enjoying myself would be putting in lightly! I have never felt anything like that! My body was literally exploding with pleasure, over and over again! Every time I though surely this is the end there was more.

What was even more amazing was, that Alon talked me through how to make those feeling better, how to position my body to make the best of it... and oh my god! What a difference. What power we have within our own hands that most of us are oblivious off. And it’s so simple!

At the end my body was spent, my head was spinning just sitting up. I think that pretty much says it all. My body was so incredibly hypersensitive. Just having a shower, feeling my skin made me want more. I have never had my body react that way, and feel that amazing afterwards. I was literally a giddy child, I’m not kidding I was giggling. I felt so happy, so relaxed, it was a whole new experience. And that lasted for hours. I felt more relaxed for days, I seemed to have more energy, I needed less sleep and I was more alert and happy during the day.

Weeks later I still felt I needed less sleep, and I was still thinking about this amazing experience. When I was with someone afterwards, I was able to use the tips Alon gave me to improve the experience and yes it has!! Even when having some fun on my own, I am able to make the results so much stronger, and last longer, over and over again.

I cannot believe the effect one session has had on me. I couldn’t recommend it enough. Especially if you are sceptical, worried or self-conscious. You need to do this! Don’t worry about being nervous, Alon will talk you through everything and he will make you feel comfortable, even if you are freaking out beforehand. And the best part is, it’s not even awkward afterwards. How amazing is that!